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Clean cosmetics, why is it important?

If the appetite of consumers for healthy, organic and additive-free products is now very widespread for food, this is not yet completely true for cosmetics. ⚠️

And yet, a study by the University of Western Brittany carried out in 2017 showed the impact of cosmetics on our body: French women use an average of 16 beauty products per day! This corresponds on average to 300kg of cosmetic products absorbed by the skin over a lifetime...

We know that what we put on our skin partly penetrates our body and pollutes us.🥵

This is the case for adults, but even more so for infants and children: until adolescence, the skin of young children is immature, finer, less protective, it allows more substances, particularly cosmetic substances, to penetrate.

And these substances remain in the body with long-term effects that we know very little about but which are nevertheless real: microplastics, endocrine disruptors, nanomaterials have nothing to do in the body in full construction of a baby.

So the solution?

As with food, get informed and make the right choices 💪

✔️ That is to say as few products as possible, but a few products because baby's skin - and all skin types in general - are too fragile to defend themselves alone against external aggressions (dry air, cold, pollution, water , clothes, etc.).

✔️ Products with a minimalist composition: just what the skin needs. Solid products or in glass bottles to avoid plastic migration as much as possible.

✔️ Of course, 100% natural, organic, fresh, chemically unprocessed products. 🌱

✔️ And as with food where we are looking for the presence of additives, dyes, preservatives, in order to avoid ingesting them, it is now time to do the same with our cosmetics.

Yes, a cosmetic can be a fresh product without preservatives, a cosmetic can be beautiful without the addition of colorants which have no role in hygiene or care, a cosmetic can smell naturally good without the addition of perfume, a cosmetic can be pleasant to be applied without adding texture agents (emulsifier, gelling agent, etc.), a cosmetic can be effective without adding nanoparticles and chemical agents presented as “miraculous”.

Let's take care of ourselves! 🫶

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Study: The probabilistic assessment of the exposure of the French population to cosmetic products, Ficheux-Roudot, UBO, 20217

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