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Hello, we are Clio & Yohan!

The beginning of the adventure began in 2018 when we decided to take a 180° turn by leaving our life in Paris and our work to embark on a project from A to Z that made sense to us. We fitted out a truck to hit the road. Quickly, we fell into natural cosmetics with a conviction, that cosmetics was still far behind the food industry: where are the fresh products? What about organic labels?

Then, Clio got pregnant, we focused our research on baby cosmetics and clearly we realized that we couldn't find what we were looking for for our baby, that is to say: a simple routine , which does not push you towards consumption, without compromise in terms of ingredients: only organic and natural, like packaging: as eco-responsible as possible, perfectly adapted to the needs of baby's skin.

An activist brand

In short, we started ! We took training in soap making, cosmetics, regulations, aromatherapy and hydrotherapy. We read a lot of books, articles and of course, we did hundreds of tests.

We stuck to our principles : work only with natural vegan, organic, do not add preservatives...

And 3 and a half years later, we find ourselves in a little paradise, in the heart of the Auvergne volcanoes with Les Petits Savonneurs.
A militant brand with products freshly prepared by hand, from raw materials selected for their quality and their ethical extraction (hello to our producers!) with fair prices .

Les Petits Savonneurs is also a brand that aims to lift the veil on the opacity of cosmetics. Our belief is that every consumer should know what they are putting on their skin and that of their children.

And you in all this?

In short, without you all this will not be possible.

We need you so that all babies have access to fresh, natural products every day, and to make young parents aware of the importance of choosing cosmetics for their children.

Our driving force is you. Thank you for your feedback and sharing that allows us to grow!

Clio & Yohan