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What is a hydrosol?

What is a hydrosol?

This is spring water, used for the distillation of a plant, enriched with aromatic compounds. This product in its own right, loaded with the energy information of the plant, is currently tending to be revalued, because unlike essential oil, which is the other by-product resulting from the distillation of the plant, the hydrosol is devoid of of toxicity. The hydrosol has many virtues associated with total harmlessness. This makes it perfectly suitable for use by babies but also pregnant and breastfeeding women.

What about floral water then ?

A floral water is a hydrolat resulting from the distillation of the flowers of the plant. This term is sometimes misused in everyday language to talk about hydrosol because it is a more restrictive term. Indeed, the distillation can be done, in addition to the flowers, from other parts of the plant such as the leaves, the bark or the root!

A little history ?

Known for millennia, hydrosols were already very popular more than 4000 years BC. Healers, priests, alchemists and then doctors like Hippocrates or Pliny the Elder knew and used their virtues long before us. At the time, essential oils were not used, then from the 18th century, essential oils appeared until hydrosols fell into oblivion. Currently, hydrosols are regaining their rightful place: they are once again valued, numerous studies on their virtues have emerged: gentle therapeutic alternative to essential oils for the care of the body and mind, virtues for skin care , culinary properties…

The hydrosol in cosmetics?
In natural cosmetics, the hydrosol has its place, it replaces water, often the 1 major ingredient of conventional cosmetics, while allowing the skin to benefit from its active ingredients. Whether it is to hydrate, tone, soothe, purify, regenerate the skin of the face, the body but also the hair! Each hydrosol has its own properties. Hence the importance of choosing your associations wisely and ensuring that no product has been added to the hydrosol because preservatives have the ability to cancel all of their virtues. It is also for this reason that preservatives are prohibited in hydrotherapy advocating the oral intake of hydrosol to overcome physical or psychic words.

The hydrosol for baby's skin...

Armed with these teachings, it was unthinkable for us to deprive baby's skin of this natural treasure. When working on the formulation of our baby hydrosol, we were looking for a multi-purpose product that would cleanse, soothe and relax. No added preservatives. We worked hard with a toxicologist and experts in laboratory techniques to find our manufacturing process to ensure the stability of our product while preserving all of its benefits. From there was born "Undress me" !

Comments (2)

  • Anna way on Jul 21, 2022

    Incontournable après la douche, le démaquillage ! Eh oui ! Si c est bon pour les bébés, nous aussi on peut l utiliser ! C est la routine de la famille !

  • Angele on Jul 21, 2022

    Merci pour ce superbe article !
    Je n’ai pas de bébé mais j’ai bien l’intention de tester les bienfaits de votre hydrolat sur ma peau 😍😍

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