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All about our ingredients

We are not perfect.

All of our ingredients are natural, none are refined or deodorized, all are labeled organic , all are ethical but not all come from France because it is not yet possible.

Our criteria? Choose the ingredients to formulate the best baby products while being as eco-responsible as possible.

We have taken into account in our formulations the balance of fatty acids and vitamins so that our products come as close as possible to the composition of the baby's hydrolipidic film. This is why we had to select certain oils or butters that cannot be produced in France.

For example, we couldn't do without Shea, because it's the butter closest to the composition of the sebum produced by the skin, but it's not grown in France. We have therefore selected the only producer - to our knowledge - of organic & ethical Shea, that is to say, who pays a fair price to those who harvest its almonds.

Here is the current list of all our ingredients (14):

Organic rose hydrosol (Haute-Loire)

Organic chamomile hydrosol (Lozère)

Organic calendula hydrosol (marigold flower) (Haute-Loire)

Organic calendula macerate (Haute-Loire)

Organic virgin plum kernel oil (Gascony)

Natural vegetable glycerin resulting from the reaction of saponification during the production of soap like liniment (with us!)

Olive oil (Spain)

Organic virgin sesame oil (Africa)

Organic virgin castor oil (India)

Organic virgin coconut oil (Philippines)

Organic virgin jojoba oil (Peru)

Organic raw shea butter: (Benin - Africa)

Water from the Auvergne volcanoes

Then all the products are freshly prepared by ourselves in our laboratory in Cantal, in the heart of the Auvergne volcanoes regional park: from the manufacture of cosmetics to their dispatch, including labeling and the preparation of packages!

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